This past weekend I got to see two of my sweet friends get married at a gorgeous historic mansion in Philadelphia. We danced, ate amazing food, and saw so many old and new friends through out the entire weekend. Of course there are so many topics that we talked about and one left an impression on me.

“What do you have to lose if you go to therapy?” How did this get brought up? To make an incredibly long story short, a friend was/is considering writing an article about experiencing therapy for the first time in his late twenties. Our table was unanimous that it was a great idea for a story and that it could help so many men in his audience break their own potential stigma’s about therapy. So that got my wheels turning. What was I afraid of sharing my own story?

I’ve been to therapy. Its not scary. It was tough. It was safe space where I was able to tell someone all of the weight I had been carrying on my shoulders from my adolescence and early twenties. Do I think about going back? Sometimes.

Sometimes, I think I can’t handle all that the world has to throw at me. Sometimes, I don’t know how to tell a loved one that what they said to me stuck to me in the wrong way. Sometimes, I can’t get out of bed. And sometimes, the tears stop and I can move on.

Hopefully, I can help someone by what I just said. Your never as alone as you think you are. And there is always tomorrow.


Its Pumpkin Time with DuClaw Brewing

Ah, October. When my craving for pumpkin flavored drinks and food are now appropriate to consume every day until Thanksgiving. (Just kidding I think I have been drinking Pumpkin Coffee from Wawa since the beginning of September, whoops!) However, one thing I decided to wait on trying was pumpkin flavored beers. I had good reason because I was approached by DuClaw Brewing to try their 31 Pumpkin Spiced Lager or 62 Pumpkin Imperial Ale. The best part of getting to try two beers is that I had to incorporate one of them into the recipe of my choosing.

Last week I posted on Instagram that I was going to make a Pumpkin Mac & Cheese incorporating one of the beers. Some of my friends were left scratching their heads and asking “Jade, why Pumpkin Mac & Cheese?” Well, let me tell you. While looking for recipes on the internet aka Pinterest, I saw hundreds of recipes for pumpkin. When I was looking for recipes to incorporate the beer my options were limited to mostly breads and ice cream floats. Nothing really piqued my interest until I saw this Pumpkin Mac & Cheese recipe from Fabtastic Eats. I have been itching to try a mac and cheese recipe at home and this recipe incorporates the pumpkin beer of your choosing. I was up for the challenge!

Originally, I was going to add the 62 Pumpkin Imperial Ale in this recipe but after trying it I decided to do a last minute switch. While I think the Imperial Ale is a great after dinner drink because its a full body ale with a distinct taste. I went with my gut instinct to use the 31 Spiced Pumpkin Lager. The Spiced Pumpkin Lager has double the cinnamon and nutmeg and DuClaw says that its their version of a grown-up pumpkin spice latte. I don’t need to say anymore, its an awesome fall beer.



Macaroni ready to become delicious mac and cheese!


Adding the Lager to the cheese sauce!


Adding reduced fat Sharp Cheddar!


Its Pumpkin time! I picked Trader Joe’s Organic Pumpkin for this recipe.


Macaroni with cheese/pumpkin sauce waiting to be baked…


The final product! Pumpkin Mac & Cheese after baking for 25 minutes at 425 degrees.

There you have it folks! I have more Pumpkin Mac and Cheese then my refrigerator can hold. I hope you learned a few more facts about DuClaw Brewing and do not be scared to cook with beer! Its a great trick to add more body and flavor to your current recipe.

Thank you to DuClaw Brewing for sponsoring this post! All opinions reflect my own personal opinion.




Wild Lilies Jewelry

I love exploring new boutiques in the Greater Philadelphia area. (Yes, this city dweller does get out sometimes!) A colleague introduced me to a jewelry and accessories boutique in Ambler, Wild Lilies Jewelry. I have passed by this store in the past but I was thrilled that their online boutique was stocked with merchandise. If you are looking for bold, statement jewelry this is the boutique to head over to. I always feel like I get a feel good bonus for shopping local.

Now let me tell you about the piece I picked out. I used to think I was a pop-punk kid in high school. Maybe I am not giving myself credit but now that I reflect on my high school apparel choices, I am going to assume I looked pretty silly. HOWEVER fashion trends do repeat and I instantly fell in love with the Spike Easy Necklace. Minimal spikes, rhinestones, I got away with wearing this to work. YES. I love pairing this necklace when I have a feminine blouse on just to give it a little edge.


To check out all of the statement and delicate jewelry Wild Lilies has to offer, click here. If you order online, you can also pick up your order at the boutique.

Thank you Wild Lilies Jewelry for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own. Image via Wild Lilies Jewelry.

Greenfest Philly

Happy weekend guys! This week was a total blur even though it was a short week. (Let me tell ya, Tuesday definitely felt like a Monday. Who is with me?) I am looking forward to my first September weekend in Philadelphia and I am looking forward to trying something new and going to Greenfest Philly on Sunday.


Greenfest Philly is celebrating a huge milestone on Sunday and celebrating its 10th anniversary. I can see why this festival has been running for so long. 1. Its the largest eco-festival in the tri-state region. 2. There is live music, beer, food, shopping and more. 3. It takes places at Headhouse Square (<3) 4. New this year is a 25 ft rock wall! 5. Outdoor yoga!

Dig Yoga to offer open-air yoga lessons, courtesy of Clean Air Council

delicious, healthy, local and organic food from food trucks, photo courtesy of Clean Air Council


If your itching for a new festival to check out, Greenfest is not to be missed. See you Sunday on South Street.

Fall Beauty 2015

Have you ever been to an event and looked around the room thinking “How does everyone have such perfect makeup on?” I do, frequently. I know I have said on this blog that I have always wondered how to do my makeup. What products do I buy? Do brushes matter? What is the difference between foundation and concealer? So I finally put an end to my questions and decided to explore the internet frontier, Youtube Beauty Vloggers.
Enter, Jaclyn Hill. I feel like I don’t even need to write anything else because I find all of her tutorials amazing. The first video I watched of her’s was the Foundation Routine tutorial. I was able to follow along, learn how to buff (who knew) and achieve the flawless makeup look that I always wanted. (Watch out wedding receptions, I’m feeling like Beyonce!) A few more of my favorite videos include this, this and this.



Now onto my makeup wishlist. I’m jumping on the palette bandwagon and I would love to get a Naked Eye Palette by Urban Decay. My friend Alexandria’s eye makeup at Diner En Blanc last week was AMAZING and I would like to get the same affect. Now, I know contouring was big this entire year. Some say its here to stay, other outlets I have read said contouring is on its way out. Regardless, I think having a small kit would let me achieve that look for special events or nights out. A blender brush has been on my mind recently. (Has anyone used one? Let me know what you think!) The Real Techniques price point is up my ally. I will be buying it very soon! Finally, I do not own a lot of nude nail polish. I have seen a lot of Deborah Lippmann polishes recommended for brides and I have made it my quest to find one or two for a home pedicure. What are some of your fall beauty wishlist items?

Fall Beauty


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Happy Weekend!

Hi guys! I decided to continue my mental health break for the rest of the summer but I think it was for the best. I went on vacation in Asheville, North Carolina, had a small surgery, went to Art of the Brick and Diner En Blanc for the third time. I honestly thought about blog writing all the time but I just couldn’t get myself to physically write. I felt like I needed to work on me and get my creative juices flowing again before I committed to writing original content again. So I’ll be easing back into writing and I have a few projects in the works that I am excited to share.

I have to say South Philly is happening this summer. If you haven’t been to Le Bok Fin yet (myself included until last night) get there ASAP. Le Bok Fin is a pop up restaurant on top of the Bok Vocational School at 9th and Mifflin. I have always admired this school for its beautiful architecture so its wonderful that the building was bought and new energy is being implemented into it. The views are stunning so if anything get up there for a drink and an Instagram photo.

Tomorrow, I am going to go to the WHOLE Flea located on top of the South Street Whole Food’s location. Scott and I have been talking about going to flea markets all summer to see if we can find any unique pieces to add to our apartment. I think this is a good first try. Wish us luck!


Photo via My Android. Our last night in Asheville.

Lighten Up with Parachute

When it came to decorating our apartment, I knew I was going to have to merge a TON of stuff with Scott. Let’s just say Scott and I both had different esthetics in our bedrooms before we moved in together. Regardless, I knew I wanted to create a bedroom that was light, relaxing and with neutral color palette focusing on grey. (Scott is more of an earth tones kind of guy and I love pops of bright colors). I picked out a light grey duvet for our bedroom and we’re going to build from there since we spent the first few months focusing on the kitchen and living room for accent pieces.


Recently, I stumbled upon Parachute and I am in love with their bedding sets and accent pieces. How cute is this throw pillow and this linen duvet set? I am attracted to Parachute’s simple, clean aesthetic which is exactly what I want to achieve in our bedroom. Another bonus to Parachute? They specialize in top sheets! Scott hates being hot and I love being bundled under blankets, even in the summer. The top sheet is a great option for us to compromise and not overheat at night. My top pick is the Sateen Top Sheet in Ash!
Do you do anything different in the summer to your bedroom? How do you compromise aesthetics with roommates? Let me know!

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Farmers Market 101


Last month, I finally had my first Farmer’s Market shopping trip. Luckily, my neighborhood in Philadelphia has a Farmers Market every Sunday from 10am-2pm in Dickinson Square. We enjoyed a quick walk to Grindcore House for coffee and strolled through our park to the market. Farm to City, runs the market near us and they had about six stands with produce, chorizo, guacamole, popcorn and sweets!

Before hand I wish I hadn’t forgotten a reusable grocery bag for our trip. Most of the stands will give you a plastic grocery bag, but for next time I’ll be a little more eco conscious. You should definitely know to grab the items you want before you pay! I really wanted flowers for the living room, well so does every other consumer. I lucked out grabbing the second to last bouquet before they were all gone.

Don’t be shy about asking the farmer’s questions either. That is what they are there for! Its very satisfying to know where your produce and other grocery items come from. Plus you can ask about any additives or if the product is vegan, kosher, or nut free!
I hope this helped out all of my fellow farmers market novices. Have you checked out a farmers market in Philadelphia yet? What are your favorite things to buy?


So if anyone is a regular reader of this blog, you’ve probably noticed that I have been MIA over the past few months. I know that bloggers don’t have to apologize for why they can’t write or don’t have time to write… I just want to come clean. Honestly, I’d love to blame Mercury Retrograde but it was stress. I was stressed out in a variety of aspects in my life and that resulted in a lack of creativity. I didn’t want to blog, pin, schedule, photograph or much of anything when I got home after work. And I felt alone in the process.

I didn’t want to admit to anyone accept for two people how much the stress was affecting me. I kept being told that things were happening to me. That it wasn’t just me creating stress on myself but that it was out of my control how much was going on. I had some trouble accepting that because historically I tend to put the blame on myself which can result in some negative self talk. Finally, I had a breakthrough last week (!) but at the start of the holiday weekend I kept finding things to be upset about. I couldn’t quite shake the stressed out mindset I had been used to over the past two months and all I could do was let it all out. Then I went to the beach. Not a bad treatment huh?

I guess what I am trying to say with this check-in is its okay to ask for help when you’re not feeling 100%. Whether its with friends, family or professional help, I find talking about my problems helps me get everything off my chest and I can try to figure out my plan of action to get better. I know its not going to be an easy journey, but I’ll push through like I usually do. Getting it all out on here has already taken a weight off my shoulders.

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The Band T-Shirt

Band T-Shirts

I’m going to see Rush tomorrow night. Yes, that band from I Love You Man. I hope I see so many epic band t-shirts. The reason behind this post!

Ah the band t-shirt, a right of passage if you will. I remember when I was younger and having quite the disposable income to buy a band t-shirt at every single concert I went to. My drawers were filled by Coldplay, pop punk high school band tees and VANS Warped Tour memorabilia. Oh to be young(er) again. Now I just quickly glance at the tour merch on the way to the beer stand because I can’t afford to spend $40 on one item anymore.

If I ever do feel the need to splurge on band apparel or merchandise I always look for a cool design, bold colors or maybe a sweatshirt or different style of t-shirt. The above four t-shirts I picked out because I love how they were styled editorially and of course the graphics. I think I mainly picked the Nirvana t-shirt because its tie died and who doesn’t love that?

Are there any band t-shirts you are holding onto or itching to buy?

Photos via Pinterest