Made In America Weekend

made in america scheduleSome of us will be heading down the shore for LDW, some will be completely avoiding the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and then there are the people like me who will be going to Made in America all weekend long. I’ve been going to this music festival with my cousin for the past three years and I like to think of it as our thing. Two full days of dancing, drinking some beers and eating from the delicious food trucks. For the price $117 for two days and I can sleep in my own bed at the end of the night, this is a win win for newbie festival goers like myself. Here are a few tips about what I have learned over the past three years:

1. For every 2 adult beverages, a bottle of water. We all know you need to stay hydrated while you drink, but being out in the sun all day and dancing really increases the chances of becoming dehydrated a realtiy. I got a brutal headache waiting for the bus back home last year so I will be definitely monitoring my level of H20 throughout the weekend.

2. Map out your route home before leaving Made in America! Last year my cousin, Scott and I decided to be good Samaritans and walk a fellow person from our group back to her car. Well, she just left us on 28th and Poplar without offering a ride back to Center City or to a legit location where we could grab a cab. Lesson learned ya’ll! We all know SEPTA is going to be delayed and cabs will be avoiding the parkway so map out what time you want to leave MIA and where the best place will be for your group to snag some transportation home.

3. Anti-Bacterial for your hands. Seriously, they are 5 for $5 at Bath and Body Works, everyone will love you for carrying one or all five of them with you all weekend.

4. Know what bands you want to see and their set times. That way if the group has to deivde and conquer you can plus picking a meeting location. I’ll never forget during Beyonce’s set last year it became the questions game “Where are Scott’s brothers?” Luckily, Mike is 6’4″ and my cousin was able to spot him before half our group wound up in South Philly at the Dolphin Tavern.

This weekend is never a dull moment! See you at the MIA fest and stay safe!

 Image via @MIAfestival on Twitter

At The Moment

Pin of the Week 8.28.14 (1)At the moment, links I am currently digging on the internet:

The pin of the week really captures 3 beautiful women (oh hi Rihanna, Naomi and Iman) on the cover of W Magazine! Join me on Pinterest won’t you?


Get In My Closet: Fall 2014

Fall under 100

Every morning when I walk out of my front door, the temperature is getting a little chillier and that can only mean one thing… Fall is coming. Of course, there is always going to be the rejoice for boots and scarves, however there are a few key pieces I have been eyeing up on the internet.

Since grey is my neutral color of choice, I am thrilled that J.Crew has a plethora of grey graphic sweatshirts and accessories to choose from. I’d love to replace my wool jacket with leather sleeves for a 2.0 version, I have taken it to the tailor more times than I can count. I’d love to update my cheetah flats to that adorable cheetah belt or similar accessory.

My gold Sperrys need to be retired for the summer so I’ve got my eye on a black slip on sneaker which would then go perfectly with my dream ASOS back pack. (How cute is that bag?!) Finally, I really want to grow my skirt collection this fall/winter season so a bright colored skirt is also on my horizon.

Shop the post: Hat/J.Crew, Cheetah Belt/J.Crew, Say Yes Sweatshirt/J.Crew Similar, Coat/H&M, Backpack/ASOS, Sneaker/ALDO, Skirt/Joie

Happy Weekend!


Another weekend kicking off with free Saxby’s coffee from the location at my job (winning)!

I cannot believe August and summer is almost over. Compared to last summer I am glad that it wasn’t as hot because 1. my hair thanks the humidity gods and 2. I got to do a lot more in Philadelphia and actually enjoy it without melting away. Seriously, I do not think outside activities like Spruce Street Harbor and the Independence Beer Garden would have been as much fun. I am hoping to get a few more bike rides in and check out the newly opened Pier 53 and Ritual Ritual, a new boutique in Northern Liberties.

Sunday, we’re heading out of Philly for a big family party for Scott’s older brother Mike since he’s moving to Los Angeles next week! What are you up to this weekend?

Photo via Scott’s iPhone of #DEBPHL14 last night!

Diner En Blanc: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

DEB Blog Post Photo 3 With one Dîner En Blanc under my belt, I am thrilled to be attending the annual fête again this year. To sum up the entire experience (once you arrive at the surprise location) in two words, its magical. What made the evening magical you may ask? Along with finally finding out the location, setting up shop and dancing the night away, making conversation with your surrounding DEB attendees is half the fun of the event. I know a lot of DEB attendees plan ahead with friends to sit together during the actual event, but last year my boyfriend and I were the only two out of all of our friends who attended Dîner En Blanc.

DEB Blog Post Photo 2While only making small chit chat amongst ourselves, once we finally made it to the DEB location, set up our table setting, appetizers and poured some wine – we thought “Well let’s talk to our neighbors.” Luckily for us, the two couples next to us were eager to talk about their previous time at DEB, share stories about living in Philadelphia and laugh with us all night long. The beautiful thing about DEB is that you get to meet so many people from Philadelphia that you wouldn’t necessarily meet from work or friends. This event is a wonderful social gathering and you definitely take a step out of your comfort zone meeting everyone!

My advice to everyone who is a first timer, do not worry about sitting next to familiar faces! Indulge in conversation with the people around you because you never know what will lead after that!

Diner En Blanc: Won’t You Be My Neighbor first appeared on Diner En Blanc Philadelphia’s official blog.

[See Jade Dine] Little Nonna’s




Spaghetti and MeatballsIf you follow me on Instagram {shameless plug} you saw last Friday I dined at Little Nonna’s in Midtown Village thanks to Gilt City Philadelphia have an awesome voucher for lunch. Well folks, what you’ve heard is true and Little Nonna’s serves the best meatballs in Philadelphia. There is fontina cheese in the middle! In heaven.

Of course Little Nonna’s is under the Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran restaurant empire so I knew this was going to be a meal that Scott and I would talk about for awhile. (He left is doggy bag at the restaurant, insert crying emoji.) Neither of us opted for the 3-course tasting menu but I do recommend all of the items we ordered above.

Stracciatella – buffalo mozzarella cheese and olives.

Sgroppino – blood orange basil sorbet, vodka, prosecco

Pan Seared Potato Gnocchi

Spaghetti and Meatballs



Happy Weekend!

d86deac826df844d92196fecdb8daa67Happy Weekend ya’ll! I’m posting a little bit of simple inspiration for the upcoming weekend and week. I guess you can say this week has been a whirlwind with the death of Robin Williams. A longtime favorite actor of mine, yours, our parents, everyone… I’m sure everyone felt the surge of sadness Monday evening when the news was announced.

The quote above is a reminder to myself {and maybe you} to always stay grounded. Keep your friends that inspire you close by in case you ever feel like stopping or giving up your passions. There is always help and a light at the end of the tunnel.


At The Moment

Pin of the Week 8.14.14At the moment, links I am currently digging on the internet:

  • The new Banana Republic and why you’ll probably want to shop there.
  • Joe Zee became an Old Navy Style Ambassador earlier this week.
  • A Philadelphia retail favorite, Nicole Miller’s fall collection is awesome.
  • A heartwarming blog post to Robin Williams {RIP}.

The pin of the week is another tasty recipe with healthy alternatives. {Maybe I should write about cooking more, who knows?} Let’s get together on Pinterst, follow me here!


[See Jade Dine] Dizengoff


Back in January 2011 I went on Birthright to Israel. At the time, I didn’t eat any type of meat so what I mostly relied on was delicious Israeli salads and HUMMUS. One of the soldiers on my trip even said “I have never seen someone consume as much hummus as Jade”. I’ll take it as a compliment because to my hummus is my go to dip and comfort food.

Yesterday was the grand opening of Dizengoff, the new Michael Solmonov’s  hummisiya. While I counted down patiently until it was appropriate to go for lunch (the restaurant opens at 10:30am) at the stroke of 12:02pm, I packed up my purse and ran to Sansom Street. The line was already a little more than halfway down the block, but I eagerly tweeted my experience in photos about the hummus oasis I was about to visit.



The space is small with about 5-6 tables and benches spread out so customers can snag a seat. I absolutely loved the colorful tile and mirror interior. While on the other side was decorated in Israeli concert posters and memorabilia. {Hey JT I see you!}old posters

foodI got the Hummus Tahina because in my eyes hummus can do me no wrong in its original state. The pita bread was about the size of my face, so I had no problems finishing up all the creamy goodness that was down in my to go bowl. Each hummus plate comes with grilled seasoned vegetables as well, so tasty I’ve already started looking up recipes to make at home.

So was it worth it to stand in line for hummus? Absolutely! Anything to get me back to a little slice of Israel is fine by me. Dizengoff is open daily from 10:30am-8pm, 1625 Sansom Street.


Happy Weekend!

lake swing

Happy weekend everyone! Scott and I are heading to the Maryland/DC area to celebrate his older brother’s 30th birthday at the Beaver Damn Swimming Club. The BDSC is known for their fresh water lake and infamous rope swing. I have no upper body strength soooo we’ll see how this rope swing opportunity works out. Then its back to DC for one last hurrah/GO USA themed party which gives me the excuse to rock these sneakers again. {Thanks ASOS!}

If you are in town though, summer clothes are on the outs and there have been some AMAZING sales going on:

LOFT: Take 60% off sale apparel and accessories

Express: Take 40% off all jeans

J.Crew: Take 40% off all sale apparel and accessories

Gap: Take 40% off your entire purchase.

Happy shopping!

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