Lighten Up with Parachute

When it came to decorating our apartment, I knew I was going to have to merge a TON of stuff with Scott. Let’s just say Scott and I both had different esthetics in our bedrooms before we moved in together. Regardless, I knew I wanted to create a bedroom that was light, relaxing and with neutral color palette focusing on grey. (Scott is more of an earth tones kind of guy and I love pops of bright colors). I picked out a light grey duvet for our bedroom and we’re going to build from there since we spent the first few months focusing on the kitchen and living room for accent pieces.


Recently, I stumbled upon Parachute and I am in love with their bedding sets and accent pieces. How cute is this throw pillow and this linen duvet set? I am attracted to Parachute’s simple, clean aesthetic which is exactly what I want to achieve in our bedroom. Another bonus to Parachute? They specialize in top sheets! Scott hates being hot and I love being bundled under blankets, even in the summer. The top sheet is a great option for us to compromise and not overheat at night. My top pick is the Sateen Top Sheet in Ash!
Do you do anything different in the summer to your bedroom? How do you compromise aesthetics with roommates? Let me know!

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Farmers Market 101


Last month, I finally had my first Farmer’s Market shopping trip. Luckily, my neighborhood in Philadelphia has a Farmers Market every Sunday from 10am-2pm in Dickinson Square. We enjoyed a quick walk to Grindcore House for coffee and strolled through our park to the market. Farm to City, runs the market near us and they had about six stands with produce, chorizo, guacamole, popcorn and sweets!

Before hand I wish I hadn’t forgotten a reusable grocery bag for our trip. Most of the stands will give you a plastic grocery bag, but for next time I’ll be a little more eco conscious. You should definitely know to grab the items you want before you pay! I really wanted flowers for the living room, well so does every other consumer. I lucked out grabbing the second to last bouquet before they were all gone.

Don’t be shy about asking the farmer’s questions either. That is what they are there for! Its very satisfying to know where your produce and other grocery items come from. Plus you can ask about any additives or if the product is vegan, kosher, or nut free!
I hope this helped out all of my fellow farmers market novices. Have you checked out a farmers market in Philadelphia yet? What are your favorite things to buy?


So if anyone is a regular reader of this blog, you’ve probably noticed that I have been MIA over the past few months. I know that bloggers don’t have to apologize for why they can’t write or don’t have time to write… I just want to come clean. Honestly, I’d love to blame Mercury Retrograde but it was stress. I was stressed out in a variety of aspects in my life and that resulted in a lack of creativity. I didn’t want to blog, pin, schedule, photograph or much of anything when I got home after work. And I felt alone in the process.

I didn’t want to admit to anyone accept for two people how much the stress was affecting me. I kept being told that things were happening to me. That it wasn’t just me creating stress on myself but that it was out of my control how much was going on. I had some trouble accepting that because historically I tend to put the blame on myself which can result in some negative self talk. Finally, I had a breakthrough last week (!) but at the start of the holiday weekend I kept finding things to be upset about. I couldn’t quite shake the stressed out mindset I had been used to over the past two months and all I could do was let it all out. Then I went to the beach. Not a bad treatment huh?

I guess what I am trying to say with this check-in is its okay to ask for help when you’re not feeling 100%. Whether its with friends, family or professional help, I find talking about my problems helps me get everything off my chest and I can try to figure out my plan of action to get better. I know its not going to be an easy journey, but I’ll push through like I usually do. Getting it all out on here has already taken a weight off my shoulders.

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The Band T-Shirt

Band T-Shirts

I’m going to see Rush tomorrow night. Yes, that band from I Love You Man. I hope I see so many epic band t-shirts. The reason behind this post!

Ah the band t-shirt, a right of passage if you will. I remember when I was younger and having quite the disposable income to buy a band t-shirt at every single concert I went to. My drawers were filled by Coldplay, pop punk high school band tees and VANS Warped Tour memorabilia. Oh to be young(er) again. Now I just quickly glance at the tour merch on the way to the beer stand because I can’t afford to spend $40 on one item anymore.

If I ever do feel the need to splurge on band apparel or merchandise I always look for a cool design, bold colors or maybe a sweatshirt or different style of t-shirt. The above four t-shirts I picked out because I love how they were styled editorially and of course the graphics. I think I mainly picked the Nirvana t-shirt because its tie died and who doesn’t love that?

Are there any band t-shirts you are holding onto or itching to buy?

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I’d like to think that mercury retrograde did something to me the last few weeks, but probably not haha. My brain has been racing and I’ve honestly felt a little overwhelmed which resulted in a lack of creativity. After talking things out with a few of my loved ones over the weekend, I’m going to put my best foot forward and get back in the saddle with writing and enjoying my day to day. I’ve always wanted to be in the communications world and I have been so lucky with all of my work experiences so far. Hopefully, I’ll get into a groove with my writing schedule and a few other projects I get to be a part of. As always thanks for reading!

Wedding Season Takes Off!


This weekend begins my 2015 wedding season! My friend Katie from high school is getting married at The Smithville Inn in South Jersey. (Its great for me because the inn is down the street from my mom’s house. Win!) I can’t wait to be around a few of my closest girlfriends from high school and reminisce about all the silly things we used to do. Since this is my first full wedding season, I’ve decided to share what I have learned so far and how to celebrate your friends special days:

Bring Out Your Inner Nerd and Make a Check List: I’m going to three weddings, missed one bridal shower, going to two bridal showers and a bachelorette party. That’s a mouthful. All of the wedding invitations and a save the date came within one week in the mail and I knew I was in over my head. I decided to make a checklist on Google Drive with Scott so we could keep track of each wedding. I was able to check off what we bought, when we sent the invitation and write out the reception venue/where we were sleeping.

Gifts: I missed Katie’s bridal shower because it was the same weekend as Passover & Easter. Of course I sent her a text explaining my absence and of course she understood! I wanted to still be a part of the shower so I sent her these mrs studs from Kate Spade. (Which was greatly appreciated.) For my next bridal shower, I read from The Knot “There does not have to be a certain amount of money spent on a gift, but a gift should be brought to the shower.” Myself and another girlfriend traveling to the same shower opted to buy one big present for the bride and split it. Thank goodness for wedding registries because its totally acceptable to buy a bridal shower gift from what the couple has already registered for.

Outfits: Ah, what to wear. Another one of my favorite games. For bridal showers, my advice is to go with wearing a dress or pants with a blouse. Chances are the bride’s family is going to be present and you will always want to look presentable in front of family. Especially if you are meeting them for the first time. For weddings, take a look at what is specified on the invitation.

I hope this helped a little! For any of my readers who already have a few weddings under their belts, please feel free to share with me your tips!

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Let’s Get Personal… Training


Strength training. It has been a foreign concept to me until recently. Usually my gym routine consists of all cardio and I just think about how nice it would be to add weights to my routine. Sure, I have tried to use the machines at Thinking about it counts as doing it right? Wrong. Sure, I have used the machines at the gym but walking over to the free weights section can be very intimidating and crowded! Post Broad Street Run has been a little bit of a slump for me so here goes my story of how I ended up at Strength Personal Training in Northern Liberties over the past few weeks.

At the end of April I got an email Adam at SPT about how he found my blog and wanted to help me reach my fitness goals with two sessions at Strength Personal Training. Me? Personal Training? Woah now. I only had one personal training session when I graduated from college and it quickly turned into a sales pitch after that. It wasn’t that I had negative feelings about personal training sessions, its just an intimidating experience. I waited until after Broad Street Run to schedule anything with Adam and he was nice enough to follow up with me and said he hoped my run had gone well. For my first session, I anxiously walked into the gym not knowing what to expect.

Adam met me and showed me around Strength Personal Training (which offers kick boxing, muay thai and yoga) and then we sat down to talk about my fitness goals and how he could help achieve that. I said ultimately I just wanted to slim down. I gained weight from the holidays that I just haven’t been able to shake off. Also, I let Adam know that when I had trained for my first Broad Street Run in 2013, that I did see my weight go down due to the increase of physical activity and I had changed my diet. Where I fell off in the past 6 months, I wasn’t sure but I was wanted to make a change. For my first workout, I did free weights, push ups and planks (eeks!), squats and crunches. I was feeling pretty awesome until I went way too hard on the row machine doing cardio and I got very very dizzy. So dizzy that the session had to end early and I got a free Gatorade on the house. Yeah, not my best moment but I feel like I should let you, my readers know its okay if this happens to you! It has happened to everyone and I am not embarrassed to admit that during my second session, I got dizzy again.

As much as I was intimated by what was happening to me, I have decided to keep going at Strength Personal Training! On days when I know I will be weight training, I’ll eat 4 small meals at work and over-hydrate my body. Adam is working on creating a routine tailored to me and we’ll build upon it over the next four weeks. I hope that I will be able to give you a two and four week update on this journey. If you have any questions, reach out to me and I will ask Adam the next time I am at the gym.

Strike Out Summer Business Casual

I have a confession – I detest wearing business casual in the summer. Since I am a Jersey Girl through and through admitting this sentence out loud is a little heartbreaking. I grew up outside of Atlantic City and I wore shorts, tank tops and sundresses all summer long. Flip flops were the only shoes I wore. I guess I am saying goodbye to my old clothing habits but ever since I started working in an office that is business casual and up I struggle with what to wear when the temperature is above 80 degrees outside.

business casual
Believe me, I rack my brain each morning trying to figure out how to not wear black pants every single day. Its just easier. However fashion should always be fun and I do not want to fall into a fashion rut in the work clothes department. To keep up with my black pants, I’d like to add a pair of light grey, navy and olive pants to my collection. I want to add 1-2 skirts that are ponte material so I can transition from each season. Since I am a bit of a t-shirt hoarder (Scott shares the same problem), a few summer cardigans and necklaces I think will do the trick.

Shop the post: LOFT / LOFT / ASOS / Forever 21 + / Bauble Bar

Happy Weekend!


Wow guys – I need to take a nap. This week was a full schedule and I went did something each night after work. On Monday, I had a team meeting at The Hive in Old City for Femme & Fortune. It was great to see Melissa, Victoria and Alyssa. Plus we got to meet our first intern, Devyn! She is so sweet and I think will be a great addition to our editorial team. Tuesday night, I went to my first session at Strength Personal Training. My butt was kicked. My trainer Adam saw I had strength in some areas and needing to improve in others. I had a great time but went WAY too hard on the rowing machine. I’ll cool it on the cardio next time. Wednesday was the Positano Coast 10th anniversary party. (Thanks HughE for the photo!!) Yesterday was the PHLCVB open house and tonight I am going to a small get together with Scott’s classmates. Which I made buffalo chicken dip for. Phew now that was a lot!

This weekend doesn’t slow down! Preakness is tomorrow, IKEA trip on Sunday, trying to squeeze in the Italian Market Festival. Mad Men Series Finale (Crying on the inside). Moving more stuff around in my apartment for the big move-in. Good thing I took the day off on Monday.

What are you up to this weekend? Whatever it is I hope you have a great time!

The photo above is from the new One Liberty Observation Deck! I went up to the 57th floor in July `14 with my boss so I could see what was to come. I am thrilled for this project at work!

Preakness at The Piazza 2015

Hats are typically not my thing, but I finally found the big hat dreams are made of. Its perfect, got it at the new Nordstrom Rack in Philadelphia and I plan on wearing it on my deck and to the beach this summer. Why am I so ecstatic about a hat? Its the Preakness Stakes this weekend and I will be donning my new hat at Preakness at the Piazza, the fashion philanthropic event of the spring.


This year, I plan to wear a navy blue shift dress, a statement necklace, my new Circa Joan & David sandals and a fun clutch to the event. Don’t you just love the New Look clutch above? I think a fun statement piece can make the above ladylike outfit stand out in the crowd. So if you don’t have any plans on Saturday night, I highly recommend coming out for a great cause! Purchase tickets here.

PS – Notice anything different about the website? I finally purchased a new blog layout that I love! Simple, black and white. Perfect for me right now. Hopefully I can expand soon!