[See Jade Dine] Little Nonna’s




Spaghetti and MeatballsIf you follow me on Instagram {shameless plug} you saw last Friday I dined at Little Nonna’s in Midtown Village thanks to Gilt City Philadelphia have an awesome voucher for lunch. Well folks, what you’ve heard is true and Little Nonna’s serves the best meatballs in Philadelphia. There is fontina cheese in the middle! In heaven.

Of course Little Nonna’s is under the Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran restaurant empire so I knew this was going to be a meal that Scott and I would talk about for awhile. (He left is doggy bag at the restaurant, insert crying emoji.) Neither of us opted for the 3-course tasting menu but I do recommend all of the items we ordered above.

Stracciatella – buffalo mozzarella cheese and olives.

Sgroppino – blood orange basil sorbet, vodka, prosecco

Pan Seared Potato Gnocchi

Spaghetti and Meatballs



Happy Weekend!

d86deac826df844d92196fecdb8daa67Happy Weekend ya’ll! I’m posting a little bit of simple inspiration for the upcoming weekend and week. I guess you can say this week has been a whirlwind with the death of Robin Williams. A longtime favorite actor of mine, yours, our parents, everyone… I’m sure everyone felt the surge of sadness Monday evening when the news was announced.

The quote above is a reminder to myself {and maybe you} to always stay grounded. Keep your friends that inspire you close by in case you ever feel like stopping or giving up your passions. There is always help and a light at the end of the tunnel.


At The Moment

Pin of the Week 8.14.14At the moment, links I am currently digging on the internet:

  • The new Banana Republic and why you’ll probably want to shop there.
  • Joe Zee became an Old Navy Style Ambassador earlier this week.
  • A Philadelphia retail favorite, Nicole Miller’s fall collection is awesome.
  • A heartwarming blog post to Robin Williams {RIP}.

The pin of the week is another tasty recipe with healthy alternatives. {Maybe I should write about cooking more, who knows?} Let’s get together on Pinterst, follow me here!


[See Jade Dine] Dizengoff


Back in January 2011 I went on Birthright to Israel. At the time, I didn’t eat any type of meat so what I mostly relied on was delicious Israeli salads and HUMMUS. One of the soldiers on my trip even said “I have never seen someone consume as much hummus as Jade”. I’ll take it as a compliment because to my hummus is my go to dip and comfort food.

Yesterday was the grand opening of Dizengoff, the new Michael Solmonov’s  hummisiya. While I counted down patiently until it was appropriate to go for lunch (the restaurant opens at 10:30am) at the stroke of 12:02pm, I packed up my purse and ran to Sansom Street. The line was already a little more than halfway down the block, but I eagerly tweeted my experience in photos about the hummus oasis I was about to visit.



The space is small with about 5-6 tables and benches spread out so customers can snag a seat. I absolutely loved the colorful tile and mirror interior. While on the other side was decorated in Israeli concert posters and memorabilia. {Hey JT I see you!}old posters

foodI got the Hummus Tahina because in my eyes hummus can do me no wrong in its original state. The pita bread was about the size of my face, so I had no problems finishing up all the creamy goodness that was down in my to go bowl. Each hummus plate comes with grilled seasoned vegetables as well, so tasty I’ve already started looking up recipes to make at home.

So was it worth it to stand in line for hummus? Absolutely! Anything to get me back to a little slice of Israel is fine by me. Dizengoff is open daily from 10:30am-8pm, 1625 Sansom Street.


Happy Weekend!

lake swing

Happy weekend everyone! Scott and I are heading to the Maryland/DC area to celebrate his older brother’s 30th birthday at the Beaver Damn Swimming Club. The BDSC is known for their fresh water lake and infamous rope swing. I have no upper body strength soooo we’ll see how this rope swing opportunity works out. Then its back to DC for one last hurrah/GO USA themed party which gives me the excuse to rock these sneakers again. {Thanks ASOS!}

If you are in town though, summer clothes are on the outs and there have been some AMAZING sales going on:

LOFT: Take 60% off sale apparel and accessories

Express: Take 40% off all jeans

J.Crew: Take 40% off all sale apparel and accessories

Gap: Take 40% off your entire purchase.

Happy shopping!

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Just Working On My Fitness

hm sport

I feel like working out/attempting to have a healthier lifestyle is the true constant in my life. After taking the first half of adult summer off from the gym, it’s time to get my behind back into shape. To jump start back into the healthy lifestyle, I downloaded the mobile app Pacer, which acts as a pedometer. This is perfect for me since I always have my phone and it syncs with the My Fitness Pal app I use as a food diary. Also, I do not have the funds to splurge on a FitBit, so this works perfectly with my budget.

I already drink a ton of water (2L a day is the average). Last week I tested out the Jillian Michael’s Detox Water recipe as an alternative to trying out a juice cleanse. Its no secret that I love food, so this was a much easier way to jump start the week versus cutting my diet to almost nothing. The taste wasn’t too bitter, the ingredients were cheap and I made the water each night while I cooked dinner.

Speaking of dinner… I tested out a few new recipes this week. Eggplant Pizza anyone? Chicken Sausage with feta and spinach, life changing. Scott and I are trying to be A LOT better about not eating out (the downfall of being foodies) and cooking together. We’ve discovered over the weekend buying clothes is just as fun as going out to eat. Who knew, seriously?

Clothing – I started my August purge of clothing and it started with my work out gear. I had so many old concert tees that I have not worn to the gym in an eternity. In the goodwill bag they went. However, I do have my eye on the H&M sports gear, so cute am I right? I never thought the clothes you worked out in made a difference, but it does. Where do you like to shop for workout gear?

To follow all my progress and pins, check out my Pinterest board. I’m testing out these workouts [.] [.] this week at the gym!

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Happy Weekend!

hello august

Guys, its August! Say what?! This year is flying by and so is the summer. Not sure about you, but I think this summer in Philadelphia has been especially lovely because the weather has been cooperating, so far. A lot of dining experiences are starting today and next week. Anyone checking out the Penn’s Landing Restaurant Week or Rittenhouse Row Culinary Collective? Both are new dining experiences in the city and look incredibly tasty.

For this month, I think I am going to try and do a big end of summer cleaning/purge of my room. I want to kick off the fall organized and getting rid of anything that I am not wearing. That way fall shopping can begin and who doesn’t love a good shopping trip (!!) Doing anything fun this weekend or month? Let me know!

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At The Moment

Pin of the Week 7.31.14At the moment, links I dig on the internet:

  • Comic Con had a HUGE geek couture fashion show. Be still my heart.
  • After many years I have finally gave in to the miracle that is facial mists.
  • Philadelphia has some awesome secret menu items.
  • Before 50 Shades comes out, Mockingjay Part 1 will be in theaters. Here is the first full trailer!

Pin of the week is a special one! I visited this street in London back in 2009 and I’m so happy so many of your repinned it. Connect with me and let’s pin together shall we?


Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls

There is just something about a pair of pearls that makes me feel all nostalgic. Most of the time I feel like pearls are a gorgeous, delicate family heirloom that has been passed down from grandmother to mother then child. I have many pearls, old and new from my mom because let’s be real your jewelry collection isn’t complete until you have a pair.

With that being said, I was introduced to Pearl & Clasp – a jewelry website in New York City that has a beautiful array of classic pearls, perfect for any occasion. Peal & Clasp goes by the motto “These aren’t your Grandma’s pearls”. From browsing their online collections, everyone will be able to find a piece to complete their jewelry box.


559823_433032263443242_1989264217_nImages via Pearl & Clasp