Happy Weekend!


Wow guys – I need to take a nap. This week was a full schedule and I went did something each night after work. On Monday, I had a team meeting at The Hive in Old City for Femme & Fortune. It was great to see Melissa, Victoria and Alyssa. Plus we got to meet our first intern, Devyn! She is so sweet and I think will be a great addition to our editorial team. Tuesday night, I went to my first session at Strength Personal Training. My butt was kicked. My trainer Adam saw I had strength in some areas and needing to improve in others. I had a great time but went WAY too hard on the rowing machine. I’ll cool it on the cardio next time. Wednesday was the Positano Coast 10th anniversary party. (Thanks HughE for the photo!!) Yesterday was the PHLCVB open house and tonight I am going to a small get together with Scott’s classmates. Which I made buffalo chicken dip for. Phew now that was a lot!

This weekend doesn’t slow down! Preakness is tomorrow, IKEA trip on Sunday, trying to squeeze in the Italian Market Festival. Mad Men Series Finale (Crying on the inside). Moving more stuff around in my apartment for the big move-in. Good thing I took the day off on Monday.

What are you up to this weekend? Whatever it is I hope you have a great time!

The photo above is from the new One Liberty Observation Deck! I went up to the 57th floor in July `14 with my boss so I could see what was to come. I am thrilled for this project at work!

Preakness at The Piazza 2015

Hats are typically not my thing, but I finally found the big hat dreams are made of. Its perfect, got it at the new Nordstrom Rack in Philadelphia and I plan on wearing it on my deck and to the beach this summer. Why am I so ecstatic about a hat? Its the Preakness Stakes this weekend and I will be donning my new hat at Preakness at the Piazza, the fashion philanthropic event of the spring.


This year, I plan to wear a navy blue shift dress, a statement necklace, my new Circa Joan & David sandals and a fun clutch to the event. Don’t you just love the New Look clutch above? I think a fun statement piece can make the above ladylike outfit stand out in the crowd. So if you don’t have any plans on Saturday night, I highly recommend coming out for a great cause! Purchase tickets here.

PS – Notice anything different about the website? I finally purchased a new blog layout that I love! Simple, black and white. Perfect for me right now. Hopefully I can expand soon!

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend! I feel like this week has come and gone. After putting my best foot forward from feeling a little down last week, I felt very productive with work and all of side hustle projects. I am super excited because I was able to buy this beach cover up, this bucket bag and these heels for wedding season! Since most of my budget is spending on home items as of lately, it feels good to get a few staple items that I’ll be able to use over the summer and the following year.

Now onto the weekend. I’m heading to Jersey to see my mom and step-dad with Scott for a quick trip before the rest of May gets away from us. Then Saturday we’re heading to the Convention Center for the Broad Street Run expo and Sunday is the big day! This year’s Broad Street Run won’t be as easy as last year due to a minimal training schedule but instead of running solo, Scott is going to jog beside me while I try to keep up a 12.5-13 minute pace. (This is my usual pace, I really hope I am not slower than this haha!) Keep your fingers crossed for me I am going to need it. Good luck to all of my fellow runners on Sunday!


FESTIVITIES! The first weekend of May is a stacked one, please be prepared. First off, on Saturday there are two major festivals happening in Center City. The Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival and the third annual Spring Festival on South Street (along with Mai Fest at Brauhaus Schmitz). Let’s be thirsty out there folks.

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Philly Smash Cocktail

Ah the summertime in Philly. To me it means, Morgan’s Pier, lazy days on my deck, biking with Scott and of course the start of football season. Last year I had a blast watching the Eagles play every Sunday and of course the occasional tailgate was always welcome! This year I hope I’ll be able to try out a new Philly themed cocktail, the Philly Smash for all of my Sunday Funday action.

Jim Beam

Philly Smash (created by Bobby “G” Gleason, Master Mixologist, Beam Suntory)
1 part Jim Beam® Honey
2 lemon wedges
6-8 fresh mint leaves
Preparation: In an Old Fashioned Glass muddle the lemons first, then the mint. Fill glass with loosely crushed ice, add whiskey and stir. Garnish with a lemon wedge on the rim or dropped in the glass.

Mother’s Day Gifts 2015



This year, I am going to be spending Mother’s Day early with my mother in New Jersey and I’ve decided to do a roundup of my favorite gifts and cards that you can buy locally in Philadelphia. I don’t think its just me, but Mother’s Day and Father’s Day always seem to slowly creep up on me and I find myself scrambling for a gift or the perfect card. I guess that’s why our parents love us regardless because my mom is just happy for me to come home for dinner with Scott, no gift necessary.

Good Candle – Made from 100% American  grown soy wax, Good Candles burn for 50 hours and come in Americano, Sage, Fig, and Campfire. Art in the Age 116 N. 3rd Street

Real. Body Butter – My dear friend Jenea started making Real. Body Butter and as a faithful user, I love it. My mom is very into moisturizing her body and this all natural body butter makes a great gift. Real. has two limited edition scents for Mother’s Day (Blackberry-Sage and Coconut Citrus). Place your order by May 4th!

Flowers from Pure Design – Pure Design is easily my favorite flower shop in Philadelphia. They have gorgeous lush florals available for Mother’s Day that any mother with a green thumb would love. 500 South 22nd Street

Brunch or Dinner at R2L – For the foodie mom, you get a spectacular view and a multi course menu at R2L on Mother’s Day. The menu speaks for itself – definitely check it out and make a reservation. 50 S 16th Street

A Mother’s Day Card from Paper Source – This is my favorite card store in the Rittenhouse neighborhood. I can spend most of my breaks from work in this store reading each card front and back until I find the one I want to buy. I highly recommend going in! 1628 Walnut Street

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend everybody! This weekend I have been looking forward to for awhile because its East Passyunk Ave’s Flavors of the Avenue event. I know there are a TON of foodie events in Philadelphia, but after attending Flavors last year I think the ticket price is totally worth the bang for your buck. Scott and I got VIP tickets because you get one hour of browsing and eating before the general admission AND after you are full there is a sectioned off tent with private bars. Sounds like a win win to me!

If you are staying in town this weekend check out some of these events in Philadelphia

Have a great weekend!

Life Lately

I’m not sure how to put my finger on it, but for some reason I feel like at the beginning of every new season I always get a little worried about how/where my life is currently. I’m sure many of you like me are daydreamers and are constantly shooting through the idea of what your life should be or how it should be going. For me right now, I always wonder if I am not doing enough. Do I not go to enough events after work? Am I not working out enough? Should I have this much money in my savings account? Should I be taking my old clothes to the consignment store or just donate them? Am I blogging enough or proactive enough on social media? Who are my followers!?

Of course after a few solid weeks of letting my imagination run wild. I can usually put some logic to my pondering thoughts.

  • Its fine to not go to every single event you are invited too. SEPTA is extremely unforgiving after 6:30pm and no one is ever going to understand why you don’t want to stand waiting for the bus after 8pm at night.
  • I constantly go back and forth with working out. My gym partner is Scott and to sum it up we have both had tough starts to 2015. He is half way done his doctorate program (woo!) which is exciting and also means a bigger workload. I was so stressed out with projects going on at work that I was getting sick with stress. This year’s Broad Street isn’t going to be our best, but hey we’re going to do it anyway. Besides I make a mean Greek Orzo Salad for the night before carb load. Once we move in together, I honestly believe its going to be easier for us to maintain a healthier routine.
  • Literally, this is the first time in two years I have gotten a tax return. Another long story short, count your blessings if you have a real accounting department at your job because fighting with the IRS about amended tax forms is no fun. After saving for this move, I am sure I will be able to get my savings account exactly where I want it to be. This year, I am also going to take the steps to starting my 401K or an IRA fund.
  • Most of my clothes that are not making it due to the purge I am going through will be donated. However, I would love to know of a few good consignment shops that I can give my clothes too.
  • Ah, lastly blogging. As I have said before I started this blog because it was a creative outlet outside of my old job. I have gotten to do so many many wonderful projects and collaborations that I don’t have any desire to stop. I think a question that is on my mind lately is who are my readers. I know you are out there (Google Analytics doesn’t lie) but I’d love to chat with you! I know leaving comments on posts might not be for everyone, however I have a pretty solid Twitter account if you want to chat on there ; )

So that pretty much sums up where I am right now. And it felt really good to get it off my chest. As always thanks for reading!


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Happy Weekend!


Happy Weekend! I’m shipping up to New York City this weekend! We’re going up to see one of Scott’s friends from college and celebrate a housewarming. I can’t believe I’m getting to the age where friends are starting to buy houses. I don’t know if I just feel old or if I am worried about not being able to make that type of financial commitment until I am way into my thirties. Regardless about me, I am very excited for anyone who can purchase a home! What a milestone. Slowly, I am making some headway with my spreadsheet of tasks to do before Scott moves in next month! We’ve made furniture wishlists, an Amazon super list, picked a cleaning company and a moving company. I am counting down until I get to order all of my new kitchen supplies and organize my “favorite room” in the house.

Check out all of the fun events in Philadelphia this weekend!

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Bring on the Balayage

Now that I am in my mid-twenties, this has marked the most experimental that I have ever been with my hair. I’ve gotten a blunt cut, ombré, bangs and a long bob! All at different times of course. This season, I fell under the spell of the balayage and I really wanted to try it out. I have been growing out my hair for the upcoming wedding season, so I thought a balayage would help me achieve a fun new look without sacrificing my length.

For this new hair adventure, I went to the new ARS Parlour, the third salon under the Andre Richard Salon empire in Midtown Village. ARS Parlour is located above the 12th Street Gym in an adorable space that can have about 4-5 clients in at a time.

ars parlour interior


I had the true pleasure of having Rachid, a Master Stylist at ARS Parlour color my hair. Rachid specializes in the balayage technique and studied in Paris, France. (Oui Oui!) Whatever pre-coloring jitters I had, Rachid made sure that I was comfortable before he got to painting on my new honey highlights.



20150327_105420Honestly, I am still amazed that the partial baylayage only took 45 minutes! As you can see in my first photo, Rachid used a painting technique to add the dye to sections of my hair. Afterwords, I sat with my hair in the cap for about 20 minutes, got my hair washed and voila. Balayage highlights!

InstaSize_2015_2 _ 270851


To go along with my new look, I had the pleasure of interviewing Andre Baldini, owner of the Andre Richard Salon about his growing businesses in Philadelphia.

JTC: I personally love the Andre Richard Salon social media strategy, specifically Instagram! Can you tell me about your strategy and how it showcases the salon’s talented staff?

AR: We love the engagement on Instagram. Each stylists showcases their work in a collage and we post and tag them.

JTC: The Andre Richard Salon has been open since 2007 and now you are opening ARS Parlor (Congrats!). How does ARS Parlour differ from the Andre Richard Salon? How should customers choose which salon to go to?

AR: ARS Parlour features master stylists and in a more upscale relaxed environment. The main salon is more trendy and tends to have a younger demographic.

JTC: What are you excited to see in Philadelphia’s retail boom and how do you expect it to impact your businesses?

AR: The retail boom is amazing! I moved to the city in 1992 and it is now a different city. The boom is attracting a more stylish feel and I think people are more excited about looking good.

JTC: What are products you recommend to customers who are having their hair colored or bleached for the first time?

AR: I recommend products that are hydrating. Although we use the best hair color/lightener products they are still chemicals and can be drying for the hair. Pureology is an amazing hair care line.

JTC: We all know that bleach can cause hair to dry out over time, how often should a customer deep condition their hair? Does frequency depend on the type of hair coloring process a customer undergoes?

AR: Frequency can vary based on the situation. Deep conditioning should be done at least once a week.

JTC: Balayage highlights are all the rage for 2015! Can you tell us what the major differences are between this trend and the previous hair trend the ombré?

AR: Balayage is much more blended than ombré. It also tends to grow out in a more natural way.

A big thanks again to Andre Richard and Rachid from ARS Parlour! Check them out on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. I promise, they will take care of you 😉

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend everybody! Its Friday I’m feeling fine and its going to be at least 75 degrees today in Philadelphia (!!) After a long week with no bread of any kind, I am looking forward to indulging this weekend at the Manayunk StrEAT Food Festival on Sunday. I have never attended an event in Manayunk other than the annual bike race so I am really excited to enjoy the warm weather and glorious food trucks.


Now that its really feeling like Spring, I feel like I should be worrying more about adding new items to my wardrobe but all I can think about is adding items to my new bar cart. I picked up an awesome bar cart at Jinxed in Fishtown and I have been nonstop thinking about how to deck it out. I recently picked up this decanter from CB2 and I want to pick up this, this and this too! I’ll share more about my bar cart essentials once its complete!

Here are some events to check out this weekend:

Have a great weekend friends!

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