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Pin of the Week 7.31.14At the moment, links I dig on the internet:

  • Comic Con had a HUGE geek couture fashion show. Be still my heart.
  • After many years I have finally gave in to the miracle that is facial mists.
  • Philadelphia has some awesome secret menu items.
  • Before 50 Shades comes out, Mockingjay Part 1 will be in theaters. Here is the first full trailer!

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Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls

There is just something about a pair of pearls that makes me feel all nostalgic. Most of the time I feel like pearls are a gorgeous, delicate family heirloom that has been passed down from grandmother to mother then child. I have many pearls, old and new from my mom because let’s be real your jewelry collection isn’t complete until you have a pair.

With that being said, I was introduced to Pearl & Clasp – a jewelry website in New York City that has a beautiful array of classic pearls, perfect for any occasion. Peal & Clasp goes by the motto “These aren’t your Grandma’s pearls”. From browsing their online collections, everyone will be able to find a piece to complete their jewelry box.


559823_433032263443242_1989264217_nImages via Pearl & Clasp


Happy Weekend!



This weekend I am shipping up to Boston with Scott to see my best friend, Kristin and get reacquainted with a city I love! I went to Boston back in 2008 and I absolutely adored the city. I loved walking around the big wide sidewalks, seeing the tall trees against huge brownstones, being so close to the water and of course the shopping. (Silly me didn’t think to bring a jacket at the end of September soooo thank you H&M for saving me).

Tonight we’re heading to the Cambridge neighborhood for some drinks after a taco and jalapeno sangria night. (YUM) Which will be very deserving for Scott because this is another road trip where he’s the only driver. (48 total hours of driving and counting this year…. best bf ever. One day I’ll learn how to drive stick shift!)

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Happy Weekend!

500 daysHappy Weekend everyone! Nearly the end of July and Philadelphia has a ton of fun things to do all over the city. I am itching to get over to Spruce Street Harbor Park and the new beer garden at Independence Mall. I guess the excitement of a summer pop-up is that eventually its going to go away until the following year, so I need to get my act together and venture around town. If you have gone to either of these two locations, got any tips for me? I would love to get the inside scoop ;)

Also, just passed (over) 500 days with Scott! Of course, my brain went immediately to 500 Days of Summer and looking back at it,I can’t believe the movie came out five years ago.

I was studying abroad when the movie came out in Europe and I was so eager to see it back in the states. {The perfect indie movie gone mainstream.} I am also, a huge sucker for JGL (shocking, who isn’t these days) however, I really loved and identified with the main character Tom. Maybe it was because he was from Margate, NJ and I live outside of the shore town. Who knows…. Now looking back on it, I don’t feel that way anymore.

500 days together and many more!


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At the moment, links I am currently digging on the internet:

  • Blake Lively is launching her brand new lifestyle site. Again, she gets all of my support.
  • You’re not going to recognize the new Coach ads.
  • Sad times for SNL cast members.
  • Tory Burch for Fitbit has arrived.
  • Calling all Orange is the New Black fans, see what the real Larry Smith had to say.

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Keep on HUMming


In May I was reading one of my favorite beauty blogs – Byride when I stumbled across the article “Why Sephora is Changing the Beauty Vitamin Game”. Intrigued, I decided to take a look at the article which talked about HUM Nutrition.

The way I got introduced to HUM personally was tweeting out the Byrdie article and saying “I wonder if the Red Carpet vitamins really work”. I got an email in my inbox shortly after from the (awesome) HUM PR team and a few weeks later I received my first pack of HUM Red Carpet. I have never tried hair, skin and nail vitamins before, I’m more of a multi-Vitamin & fish oil type of gal. So I was really curious to see how taking an additional targeted supplement would look like.

After the suggested 4-6 week time period, I was able to notice a difference in my skin and hair. My skin seemed to have a soft dewy glow (no makeup here) and I had chopped off 4” of my hair at the end of March so I knew the reason for my rapid hair growth had to be from HUM. Personally I like to keep my nails short and square so I didn’t see a major difference in length… yet. I just need to be adventurous and actually let me nails grow out.

So there you have it folks – HUM Nutrition’s Red Carpet gets an A in my book for beauty supplements. Curious to HUM along with me? Check out their website and take their short quiz on which bottle of HUM is right for you.

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Happy Weekend!

5411fdd90981107aeb56cc87a9edca21Happy Weekend everyone! I’m going to assume that everyone has been looking forward to this since its the first full week back from the holidays. This weekend, hopefully Scott and I can pick back up on our new Sunday tradition bike ride so I can learn how to shift and pick up speed on our longer rides. Of course its the World Cup final {tear drop} and I hoping for an Argentina win!

What are you up to this weekend?

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Pin of the Week 7.10.14

At the moment, links I currently dig on the internet:

  • A recap on patriotic fashion from the Wawa Welcome America concert.
  • Nicolette Mason did an apparel collaboration with ModCloth. Swoon.
  • Still extra pumped for the possibility of SJP coming back to TV. With the story set in Philadelphia!

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Rock Independence Day with Wear Liberty

Since its the week leading up to Independence Day in Philadelphia, I wanted to spotlight a local designer, Matt Eyer from the Wear Liberty. I always love a great graphic t-shirt so I reached to Matt to learn more about his brand and inspiration.

Matt told me that he has always been into graphic t-shirts, especially limited edition collections. He wanted to share his love for Philadelphia’s art and culture scene through graphic art and apparel. 2012 was the year that Wear Liberty really took off after participating at the annual Art Star Craft Bazaar for the first time.  From there Wear Liberty was sold at the 2nd Street Festival and the Punk Rock Flea Market. Now in the brand’s third year, Wear Liberty continues to participate and be sold at local Philadelphia events and has been written about on and

To follow summer’s most sacred fashion rule “Sun’s out, guns out” I am really digging the tank tops and sunglasses from Wear Liberty. To learn more or stimulate the economy by buying a tank top head to!


Wear Liberty Female Tank

Wear Liberty Male Tank Wear Liberty SunglassesPhotos provided by Wear Liberty